For the Kids

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Extra Life

I’m walking to a meeting at the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. I pass by the emergency room, and I peer through the glass doors.

The last time I was at a hospital like SVMH, I was a child going through a routine procedure. I was calm — from the wheelchair ride to the operating room and up until the nurse put the gas mask over my mouth and nose.

I breathed in deeply at first, but something came over me. I panicked and started to thrash, pulling against the arms that held me down. I think I screamed — I definitely started to kick. I fought the drowsiness as long as I could until I finally fell asleep.

Since then, I’ve been afraid of hospitals — a feeling many others probably share. No one wakes up wanting to go to a hospital. For many, it’s a last resort or a final visit. It’s having to say goodbye or finding out how long you have left before your body totally falls apart.

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