Pitch Perfect 3 Review

The first Pitch Perfect was lightning in a bottle — it was a sleeper hit that worked the trending a aapella genre for full effect and spawned a radio hit with Anna Kendrick singing the cover for Cups, aka When I’m Gone.

Pitch Perfect 3 brings the Barden Bellas back together for one last go, this time as an overseas touring group for the USO. Hoping to relive their glory days, the Bellas — who have seen their lives outside of the group diminish — compete on an uneven playing field against music groups and DJs vying for a spot as DJ Khaled’s opening act.

Meanwhile, Fat Amy’s (Rebel Wilson) father Fergus (John Lithgow) hopes to build a relationship with his estranged daughter, and Beca (Anna Kendrick) shows off her producing chops when she sits in for an impromptu session at Khaled’s traveling mixing board. 

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The Hunger Games Review


Let’s get to the point — yes, it’s good.

It’s good in so many ways, and for so many different reasons. The Hunger Games as a movie (I have not read the book) does what so many movies based on popular things forget to do — stick to the essential script.

There seems to be a healthy fear, it might be better to say concern, about this movie — it’s as if the filmmakers were afraid to screw this up for the hardcore fans who appreciate and love the novels written by Suzanne Collins.

The filmmakers don’t handle the material with kid gloves — instead, they’ve approached it with disciplined tact, and they’ve created a movie that’s refreshingly intelligent, focused, and terrestrial, so much so that I sat there in the theater after the movie was over feeling astonished and, this is important, thankful.

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