Uncanny X-Men #1 Review


www.hypergeeky.comWhile the Marvel Now! relaunch saw new teams form under an amalgam of banners and other major titles get a revamp, one flagship title was kept off the shelf long enough for its members to find themselves and form under a pertinent cause that could see its figurehead redeemed or further ostracized — the Uncanny X-Men.

Brian Michael Bendis, doing excellent work with the original X-Men in All-New X-Men, takes on the challenge of bringing the new team front and center with two opposing sides watching to see what happens to mutant-rights-poster-boy Cyclops.

Taking on Scott Summers’ story in the aftermath of last year’s huge Avengers vs. X-Men event that saw Professor Xavier’s dream student turning into Marvel’s biggest anti-hero, Bendis’ challenge will be to direct Summers and his team into territory that could alienate a large portion of fans whichever way he goes.

For those who felt indifferent or hated the classic Cyclops character — his turning point as the wielder of the Phoenix Force that climaxed when he publicly murdered his mentor was a step in the right direction to make him relevant. Boring, self-righteous, aloof, distant — detractors who used those terms call Cyclops’ current turn into his new role character development.

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