Batman Superman #5 Review

www.hypergeeky.comThe Toymaster Hiro Okamura has a new game, and it involves taking down superheroes.

But the game, an MMORPG built around beating Batman, has a critical flaw — it’s real. Designed on technology engineered from prominent scientists’ work, the video game has the ability to create avatars that form real-life threats to the heroes players are trying to beat.

The first time Batman notices something’s amiss happens when Metal-Zero, a Superman foe, comes to Gotham City for no apparent reason. Though Batman acknowledges he’s no physical match for Superman who could break Metal-Zero down with a flurry of punches, he also knows his strengths lie in his tactical advantages.

After the fight, Superman shows up, and there’s some playful banter — Superman goes so far as to call it trolling. The conversation doesn’t last long, but it sets both on edge as competitive tensions rise.

Meanwhile, Okamura’s recruited several new players to take part in a raid style battle to take down Batman. Playing as a Nightwing avatar, the players begin to bend the rules, giving Nightwing the ability to fly. The fight breaks into Hiro’s headquarters, and the gamesmaster realizes he needs to pull the plug immediately.

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