Oh My Geek! Podcast Episode 009 — Forward Progress

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Episode nine. Can you believe it? The Oh My Geek Podcast is still going strong and getting better with each episode.

This week, we test out some new technology. You’ll notice we have music and sound clips being added live. I think it makes the podcast more dynamic and interesting, and I hope you agree. We also experiment with receiving phone calls. Listen all the way to the end of the podcast to see if we get it working right.

It’s also our very first live show! I know, I know — it’s only one person — but Manuel decided to hang out with us at Current Comics after our fantasy football draft.

And with that, on to the news!

We celebrate Jack Kirby’s birthday. Check out this article about five of Kirby’s classics.

Hulu is going commercial free! Sort of. Some shows will have ads at the beginning and end due to streaming rights, but paying for this upgraded service — it’s $12 — will remove all ads in between.

Michael Fassbender is Callum Lynch in the Assassin’s Creed feature film. Lynch is an original character created specifically for the movie. To be released some time in December, 2016.

Is Idris Elba too street to play James Bond? We don’t think so, but author Anthony Horowitz who wrote the Bond book Trigger Mortis does. I’ve seen Luther, and I think it’s proof positive that Elba could make a great super-spy.

Bourne 5 has its villain – Vincent Cassel will be Jason Bourne’s antagonist which means Matt Damon is returning to the franchise. Cassel played Thomas Leroy, the mentor in Black Swan. The role supposedly was offered to Viggo Mortensen first.

Fox is working on a Mega Man movie! I would be more excited if I hadn’t watched the unwatchable Fantastic Four movie which Fox was also responsible for. Can the studio do the Blue Bomber right, and why can’t Hollywood make a great video game movie?

Marvel Studios went through a huge shakeup, and Kevin Feige is now answering directly to Disney after a big dispute went down over Captain America: Civil War. Marvel Studios CEO Isaac Perlmutter is still in charge of the comics and TV departments, but Feige is now basically the head of the movie division. Supposedly, Perlmutter was the person responsible for the absence of female toys like Black Widow, and Feige’s leadership role may lead to a lot of changes as the MCU goes into Phase 3.

Horror fans have been mourning ever since news broke that Wes Craven passed away at 76 after a battle with brain cancer. The famed director was responsible for the Nightmare on Elm Street series and Scream, a movie which proved that the horror genre still has a lot of life left in it.

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