Oh My Geek! Podcast Episode 001 — The Gravity of the Situation

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It’s our first episode! Jesse, Ji (ClumsyG), and Nick get together to talk pop culture news, reviews, and announcements.

In our inaugural episode, we tackle Marvel’s new set of titles, the Power Rangers, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman, and Tess Gerritsen’s lawsuit against Warner Brothers.

We also talk trailers, giving our first impressions on Creed, Steve Jobs, and the soon-to-be-released Terminator: Genisys.

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All three of us have seen Jurassic World, so expect a few bits about the record-breaking box office release. For all you video game fans, Nick and I talk Batman: Arkham Knight.  Don’t worry, we won’t spoil either for you.

We end our podcast with a few announcements about the Salinas Valley Comic Con which will be held in December. If you’re interested in what happens behind the scenes in creating a comic convention, you might want to pay extra attention as Jesse talks about his role working with the Steinbeck Center.

More Information:

Secret Wars Leads to Extraordinary X-Men #1
-Marvel’s launching a whole new set of #1 issues after Secret Wars. One of the new titles is Extraordinary X-Men #1! Will this finally put the X-Men cancellation rumors to rest?

BOOM! Studios Gets Power Rangers
-The Power Rangers are coming back in comic book form!

Vertigo DC Movies Like Sandman Going to New Line
-New Line will handle Vertigo productions, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman project.

Tess Gerritsen — Gravity Lawsuit: Why I Am Giving Up
Tess Gerritsen has given up on her lawsuit. What could this mean for writers and creators?

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