Death Vigil #6 Review

www.hypergeeky.comUntil now, the battle between the Vigil and the Necromancers has been a tactical chess match.

A skirmish here and there, a minor power play elsewhere — the secret war has played out with pawns being traded as the Vigil shores up its defenses while the Necromancers continue poking away, looking for a weak spot.

But Maria Benes’ plan to take Bernadette’s scythe has finally come to fruition, and the Vigil must come to terms with an enemy that’s ready to take the war out into the open.

Last issue, an Orach was summoned in the middle of the city in broad daylight. This issue, the Vigil works in combination to contain the collateral damage and quickly remove the threat. One by one, the Necromancers fall thanks to some unique Veilripper powers, while Mia takes on the Orach’s fury and comes out with a full stomach.

As Bernadette pulls Sam Lewis back from rushing after a retreating Lord Asrah — and manages to save him from getting split in two from Orach debris in the process — Clara Jenkins uses her feather to try and be the hero. She finds herself quickly outmatched, but a mysterious figure saves her from doom.

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[Comic Review] Factions — Death Vigil #4

The tides of war continue to rise with new factions joining the battle in Death Vigil #4.

The Pale Court, a group devoted to bringing the┬áPrimordial Ones to the land of the living, has plans for the Dreamer’s Codex — tablets containing everything one needs to know about the sigils. Every translation of the codex has been destroyed, but the Pale Court has its eyes set on a new work nearing completion.

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