The Oh My Geek! Podcast — Episode 028: The OMGeek Experience

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Are you ready for you experienced in the geeky ways of the OMGeeks?

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Clobbered Time — Fantastic Four (2015) Review

“Go see it for yourself,“ they said. Fans of the movie came to its defense in various comments section, and their words were strong. “Those who hated it were biased.” “Yeah, it wasn’t that bad. It was actually pretty good.” “I hate when people say don’t watch a movie. You should see it and make up your own mind.” And so, it was decided. On a Wednesday after I visited the comic shop, I stopped by home and picked up my Cinemark popcorn tub and cup because it was time to make up my own mind on the Fantastic Four. * Since I was seeing it earlier in the day,...

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Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster — X-Files S11E03 Recap

A pair of paint huffers discover a monster attacking an animal control officer deep in the woods, and it leads to an investigation that will restore agent Fox Mulder’s faith in the X-Files.

Feeling the effects of the startling revelation in the first episode that the existence of extra-terrestrials was a government conspiracy, Agent Mulder spends a day poring over the X-Files, which no longer hold up to his newfound scrutiny — through new lenses, he sees it all as nonsense explained away by common sense. Scully offers him some sort of consolation — the duo are needed for an investigation of a suspicious lizard-monster.

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Thorns — Secret Wars #6 Review

Doom’s control over the new Marvel continuity is beginning to splinter as rival factions rise in power.

Three weeks after the events in issue #5, much has happened. Corvus Glaive and his wife Proxima Midnight have been captured, and Black Swan is now in Doom’s employ. Doom has tasked his daughter Valeria with discovering Stephen Strange’s murderers, and work has been rather difficult. Not only has it been impossible to figure out what the outsiders are up to, but Valeria has doubts about her father’s intentions — she can no longer fight the nagging suspicion that Doom may be the one actually guilty of Strange’s death.

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To Be Or Not, Diversity in Question

Alex Abad-Santos over at Vox penned a great article summing up a lot of the controversy and background regarding Marvel and Netflix’s next superhero venture — Iron Fist. Go ahead and read that first if you need a primer because Abad-Santos makes some really fantastic points that I’m going to use as background for this piece about a very complicated subject.

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